To the world!! Talking about GA's future with international GA members


Hi!! I'm Yuki Omoto on the GA MAG. editorial team.

This time, I would like to describe my talk about GA's future with a few members from foreign countries.

GA technologies Inc. is a company with ambitions to be an international company. To feel a burning need for it, we discussed GA's future with international employees.

from left to right: Aaron-san, Shabbir-san, and Noor-san

Can you introduce yourself and your career?

I'm Aaron Bramson, a research scientist in the field of complex systems. I earned a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in Philosophy and Political Science as well as an M.S. in Mathematics from Northeastern University. After graduating I worked as the president of my own consulting company until becoming a Research Scientist at Riken's Brain Science Institute. I worked there for four years before joining GA technologies.

I'm Noor Mohammad, a Mobile Application Developer from Bangladesh. I studied Computer Science and Engineering in a well known University named Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. After graduation I started my career at a Japan based company in Bangladesh. While working in Bangladesh I was invited to come Japan for on-site working. That was the first time I came Japan. I stayed Japan for 3 months. I loved this country from that moment. After one year I came to Japan as full time employee at TIAM. Inc. Before joining GA technologies I worked almost 3.5 years at my previous company.

I am Shiam Shabbir, born in Bangladesh. I've worked as an engineer for about 5 years in the software industries. I earned B.Sc in Computer Science and Engineering from a well known institute named Shahjalal University of Science and Technology in Bangladesh. After graduating, I started working for various software companies in my country. Samsung R&D Institute in Bangladesh was the biggest company among the ones I've worked for. Currently I am working at GA technologies as an Android engineer in the Service Development Division.

Thanks. What's your incentive to come to GA?

I first came to Japan 20 years ago to study Japanese as a college student. After that I returned several times to Japan, and I started my own fashion company specializing in the world's best shoes, jika-tabi. More immediately, due to management instability at Riken I decided to leave, but I still wanted to live in Japan. I interviewed at several companies, but their culture and workflow were not a good match for me. I joined GA because the research seemed interesting and the company culture, especially the quick decision making and flexibility, appealed to me.

Aaron-san talks about GA culture

True. I also fell in love with the company culture which is the quick decision making and flexibility. How about Noor-san?

I had worked for client-base application for a long time. I want to work on a service-based long running project. GA technologies' vision fascinated me. As a mobile developer I can work here on service based applications. So I joined GA technologies.

Yeah! GA technologies vision is huge and attractive. I'm sure that it's coming true. Can you tell me yours, Shabbir-san?

When Samsung decided to shut down their operation of Android division in Bangladesh, I moved on to some other companies in my country, but did not like so much to work there. I got interviewed by two companies in Japan. One is Rakuten and the other one is GA technologies. I was excited about getting an experience to work in Japan. My friend Mr. Tuhin (nicknamed "Noor") introduced me to GA Technologies. As he already worked here, and this is the first time I am going to work in a foreign country, I thought this would be a great help for me to adapt myself in the new diversity within a new country. The vision of GA appeals to me the most as well. However, I was confused with ho-ren-so when I heard of it for the first time.

Horenso? That's spinach, isn't it?

It means that 報告 ho-koku,report, 連絡 renraku, communication, and 相談 so-dan, consultation. Japanese people picked up initials and merged them to ho-ren-so.

I see. This is the first time I've heard of it.

Lucky you. It's totally different from our culture.

Even for me, it's weird, but important for manager. Shall we talk about GA's future next? What do you want GA to become in the future?

I think the company's current focus on pre-owned condos in Japan is a good way to get started; a good opportunity for fast growth and developing a technology base. In the future that technology base will naturally be applicable to other domains and other markets. I am very interested in exploring other areas where our technology can provide an advantage.

Let's explore together! Haha

I want GA technologies to become a renowned company around the world. For example, currently in my country's software development community they only know Rakuten where foreigners can work. I hope GA technologies will be known to every community around the world.

I'm also craving for it! How can we become an international company?

Of course, our company should spread around the world!

To achieve that, we have to dominate the Japanese market first. For this reason, we need to learn Japanese language more.

I have to.

At the same time, this company also needs to arrange multi-language systems. Besides, And to reach international markets, Japanese employees are required to learn other languages as well, especially English. For example, X-tech. How do you call it?

X-tech (cross tech)?

True. Don't call it X-tech (x tech). In English, X-tech (x tech) means for technology for pornography.


Really? I didn't know that.

Such as that, sometimes Japanese English is so weird. To use correct English could be first step to become world company.

We enjoyed talking about GA technologies and its future.

"Think and Grow Rich." By Napoleon Hill

All of us believe our bright future and strive to achieve it.


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